VMworld 2013

More than 22,000 people were in San Francisco this week to attend VMworld 2013. They’ve experienced the innovation that supports last week’s announcement: VMware was named the #3 most Innovative Company in the World by Forbes.

Day One of VMworld 2013:

  • Pat Gelsinger, VMware CEO, laid out the foundation for the industry with three industry imperatives:
  • Virtualization extends to ALL of IT to automate/deliver ITaaS for efficiency, agility, and control.
  • VMware NSX Network Virtualization Platform to deliver new network operational model that improves agility and advances data center economics.
  • VMware Virtual SAN introduces simple, self-tuning storage for virtual machines.
  • VMware vCloud Suite 5.5 – new release of the leading cloud infrastructure and management suite – including elements like a low-latency sensitivity feature, as well as the capabilities inherent in VMware vCloud Automation Center and VMware vCenter Operations Management.
  • Management gives way to automation
  • Compatible hybrid cloud will be ubiquitous, providing ready access to VMware’s public cloud seamlessly enabling Disaster Recovery as a Service, Platform as a Service and Desktop as a Service.
  • Click here to see Pat Gelsinger’s keynote.
  • Read the Full Day 1 Recap here.

Day Two of VMworld 2013:

  • Carl Eschenbach, VMware President & COO, led a showcase of the state-of-the-art technology that is transforming IT through a Day In The Life of a customer and IT point-of-view around the notion of better application delivery to the business. They showed how the software-defined data center can leverage policy-based automation and management and then be extended seamlessly to the public cloud via the VMware vCloud Hybrid Service. Highlights included new capabilities and partnerships for the VMware Horizon Suite that further simply IT support for the mobile workforce, and continued momentum for our management business.
  • Self-service deployment of Horizon View virtual desktops via the vCloud Automation Center interface
  • WestJet customer video showing how they’re using network virtualization to overcome issues with east-west traffic via firewalling and segmentation of their network traffic all while leveraging the physical network infrastructure that was already in place.
  • vCloud Application Director’s ability to deploy applications, including multi-tier applications.
  • How NSX layers on top of an existing physical network, similar compute virtualization, so that such as firewall, layer 2 switching, layer 3 routing, and load balancing can be tied to the application definition itself.
  • A look at how VSAN(virtual storage) can dynamically expand capacity by adding another ESXi host in the cluster; more hosts means more capacity for the VSAN datastore.
  • vCenter Operations Manager with vCloud Automation Center delivering the ability to identify and resolve issues
  • Click here to see Carl Eschenbach’s keynote.

Other links that may interest you:

  • Here’s one of the top 10 sessions at VMworld – the EUC super session EUC7370-S – “The Software-Defined Data Center Meets End User Computer” by Scott Davis and Mike Coleman. In this, Scott and Mike talk about the use of Horizon View in vCHS and does a combined vCHS/Desktone/View/VADC demo showing the service provider admin interface, the tenant admin interface, and the end user (View Client) interface. Watch the session .
  • Another breakout that made the top 10 was VAPP4679 – “The Software-Defined Datacenter Design Panel for Monster VM’s: Taking the Technology to the Limits for High Utilization, High Performance Workloads”. You can watch the session here.
  • Check out VMware’s CTO site to read their blogs on VMware’s software-defined storage strategy, VMware NSX, vCloud Hybrid Services (vCHS), and more.
  • VMworld TV checks out the Software-Defined Data Center at VMworld 2013 .
  • View all of VMworld TV here.
  • Partnership with EMC to deliver Software-Defined Storage– Click here
  • Pivotal Announcement regarding Cloud Foundry for vSphere and vCHS (vCloud Hybrid Service) – Click here
  • HP Announcement regarding a Unified Federated Switch – Click here
  • Momentum with Cisco Release – Click here

Learn more about the following products below:

  • vSphere with Operations Management 5.5 – here
  • vSphere Data Protection Advanced – here
  • vCenter Site Recovery Manager 5.5 – here
  • Virtaul SAN 5.5 (Public Beta) – here
  • vCloud Suite 5.5 – here
  • vCloud Hybrid Service – here
  • VMware Certified Associate – here

Approximately 300 journalists and analysts attended the general session. Following are a few highlights of the coverage:

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