Horizon View and Mirage

Horizon View and Mirage

FREE eLearning: Horizon View V6 and Mirage V5: What’s New

The Horizon View V6 and Mirage V5: What’s New is a FREE 1-hour self-paced course which highlights the new features and enhancements in Horizon View V6 and VMware Mirage V5 product. Get to know the key features of Horizon 6 and walk through use cases for each of different product areas that make up this powerful end-user computing suite.

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New PCOIP log analyzer tool for Horizon View

Here is the user guide and the tool itself. Thank you to Justin Silva @VMware

5 instructional videos


PCoIP Log Analyzer – Introduction Video:


PCoIP Log Analyzer – Local Mode Video:


PCoIP Log Analyzer – Remote Mode Video:


PCoIP Log Analyzer – Gather Only Mode Video: