vCloud Director

VMware vCloud® DirectorTM (VCD) enables customers to build a private cloud–based Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering within their organization. By providing a secure, on-demand ability for end users to deploy workloads, companies can realize a level of agility previously thought impossible.

Evaluators Guide

vCD pre reqs

more resources to run a Pilot/POC:
The first thing is the vCloud Architecture Toolkit or vCAT.  This collection of documents will tell you just about everything you need to know when designing, implementing, and running your vCloud.  You will find v2.01 here at the following link.  This is a LOT of information!

The second is the vCloud Director virtual appliance or standard download.  You will find both through the following link.  The appliance really speeds up the delivery of the application as it uses an internal database.  I’d suggest that for an evaluation/POC.

Third the vShield Manager appliance, which you will find at this link a place to register for eval and download.


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